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About Basingstoke

Basingstoke is a lively and fast-paced contemporary town that is inside easy reach of London. It has many rich commercial operations surrounded by beautiful villages and set in the extraordinary countryside of Hampshire. If you have been to Basingstoke you will see its vast number of roundabouts across the town, this is the reason why it is often called as Roundabout City or Doughnut City. Basingstoke is a good place to live and work in, due to a large number of green spaces, vast culture, and museums that this town has.

The largest town in Hampshire has many activities for each interest such as regional shopping centres, concert halls, indoor sky diving centres, and amazing leisure and sports facilities. Basingstoke was developed quickly after World War II and stayed as a small market municipality until the early nineteen-sixties. During the second half of the twentieth century, the municipality has become a necessary economic centre and house to locations of the UK and the European headquarters such as IT, insurance, electronics, and telecommunication industries.

What makes living in Basingstoke the best?

Basingstoke is a thriving and thrilling place with all the resources that you can get. The green spaces are not that far, so if you want to escape the hustle of the city you could easily get out of it. There are many reasons why Basingstoke is one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom. If you are a person who always loves to shop and chill out, then this town has a wide variety of shops in their lively shopping centre and over thirty bars, restaurants, and cafes. Anvil is one of the best lively places to go when it comes to live music and other forms of entertainment.

Most people like to live here because it is one of the best places for commuters, aside from having many facilities such as ice rink, shopping and sports centre, and theatre. Looking for a property to rent in Basingstoke is excellent for anyone who does not want any hustle when it comes to transportation. Basingstoke is only an hour from London via rail. The M3 can also make access to the south while the A303 can take you out easily to the west.

If you like the bustling experience in the city while being able to visit a nice and beautiful green scenery, then it is time for you to look for flats to rent in Basingstoke. This is also the best place for all nature lovers because of the multiple green spaces that they can visit. They have parks in every direction, if you go to the west you can visit Winklebury Park and Stratton Park, in the east is the Crabtree Plantation, and in the south is the peaceful place of Black Dam Lake. The North Wessex Down is a fine natural beauty where you can get a nice countryside experience that is just close by this town.

Important things to remember

Houses for rent in Basingstoke is composed of country cottages and contemporary apartments. There are many family-friendly areas in this town and it is also easy to access. Basingstoke has many established estates of great value and good-sized homes for families. If you are looking for a new design, then there is no need to worry as there is no shortage of selection as this town continues to develop. Some of the new developments display more design aspects with Beggarwood Lane, Worting Lane, and Between-the-Wars features. All in all, Basingstoke has developed a lot yet remains the same. A place where the English writer, Jane Austen, danced and shopped. Basingstoke is a nice place where families still enjoy, shop, and relax. A place where you can have a good and simple life.

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