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About Eastbourne

Similar to many other places in England, Eastbourne boasts of a lively and sunny landscape. When on the train, it is an hour and a half journey to and from the heart of London. According to several reports, Eastbourne has award-winning beaches and countless local attractions for locals and tourists to enjoy throughout the year. It is home to Europe’s biggest human-made marina, Sovereign Harbour, which has a vast selection of restaurants and shops. Many people have heard of Eastbourne, perhaps because of its familiarity on screen. The place has been featured on many well-known films and television programs. You may have seen a glimpse of Eastbourne in Harry Potter, the Living Daylights, James Bond, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snoggings, and Brighton Rock.

Furthermore, it appeared on TV shows such as Poirot, Foyle’s War, Little Britain, Top Gear, Miss Marple, That Mitchell and Webb Look, and The Lives and Loves of a She Devil. Also, on the 28th of April in 2012, the world record for walking on fire was beaten in Eastbourne, when Lindsay Morrison became the 351st person to walk across two meters of hot coal. She was either daring, brave or a bit of all. To note other strange Guinness World Records, several years back, a group of 28 girls from Eastbourne took the world record for most people crammed in a modern Mini. These girls managed to rearranged themselves into the small car within 18 minutes, with four of them placed in the boot of the car.

Other Historical Details

Eastbourne is the place that was the most bombed seaside town in the entire stretch of England during WWII. Bombers used to drop any bombs they have leftover Eastbourne before heading back to Germany. They used Beachy Head as their landmark. Roughly around 4,000 bombs fell on the arms of Eastbourne. The place also holds a shred of strong evidence to support that witches have lived in the town. A candlestick and numerous spoon have been dug up at Beachy Head, which is believed to have been used by witches as these bear the witchcraft symbol “XIII”.

Things You Can Do in Eastbourne

For over 120 years, Eastbourne has transformed into a holiday resort and frequent tourist destination. Here, there are many activities you can explore. The town is a cultural centre; it features four theatres, two cinemas, and the highly regarded Towner Gallery which holds art exhibitions annually. Those who love playing or watching sports can easily access four golf courses, several public tennis courts, and bowling centres in Eastbourne.

Those who consider themselves a sailing enthusiast may further explore the Sovereign Yachting Marina. Tennis lovers, on the other hand, may participate in the yearly international tennis tournament that frequently invites in some of the world’s best tennis players. Eastbourne is a fantastic place to be in if you want to savour English life. Here, you can try the classic fish and chips or drink different kinds of afternoon teas in one of the many tea rooms scattered all over the town. Those over 18 years old can try English beer in a traditional English pub located either in town or in the nearby countryside.

Eastbourne indeed grew as a fashionable resort due to the Duke of Devonshire. In 1859, he wanted to improve the town and appointed architect Henry Currey to design a street plan right after sending him to Europe for inspiration. The result has become a place adorned with an astonishing architectural mix of classic Victorian, with Medieval connotations—characteristics that give Eastbourne its faded glamour ambience.

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