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Ipswich: A small, peaceful town where the past, present, and future meet

Ipswich is a historic, maritime town located in Suffolk, a county situated in eastern England, 66 miles northeast from London. Known as one of England’s oldest towns, Ipswich is known for its waterfront attractions and local arts scene.

The picturesque town has more than a thousand years of agricultural and maritime history, which is why a lot of educators and historians frequent the place. Ipswich has been running since the Saxon period, and its port area played an important part in the history of England. Ipswich was an open port during the Wool Trade, and is also the hometown of Thomas Wolsey, one of Henry VIII’s trusted advisers. Despite the place being a non-metropolitan district, it has a large settlement even if it is only classified as a town.

The unique Ipswich lifestyle

What makes living in Ipswich the best? Ipswich is a popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom. The town has various quarters, but the central and waterfront areas are the most visited. The central area is home to a lot of establishments, while the waterfront has seen a lot of glorious moments of the history of the United Kingdom.

For those who value their quality of life, Ipswich is the one of the places in the United Kingdom to settle in. In fact, the town was voted as one of the most desirable places to live and work in England in a survey by the Royal Mail. Ipswich was also recognised as a clean and green town. Not only that, but Ipswich ranked as the third happiest place to live in the United Kingdom. Ipswich is only an hour away from London via train, and also an hour away from the Stansted airport. Its magnificent rural landscape and spectacular coastline is great for people who want to slow down from their fast-paced lives. Going around Ipswich is not a challenge as there are public buses, railway stations (Ipswich and Derby Road), and international ports making it a great place for commuters. The place might be an old town but there is a vast selection of property to rent in Ipswich.

The town of Ipswich is home to a lot of cosy pubs, unique restaurants, and places where people can explore more about their artistic side. As Ipswich is one of England’s oldest towns, the place is a classical beaut. It has a range of buildings that have seen the test of time. Many establishments in the town are timber-framed buildings. There are also houses and famous establishments that were built during the Tudor and Elizabethan eras.

Art fans will enjoy visiting or living in Ipswich, as the place has many cultural and performance locations like the New Wolsey Theatre and the Regent Theatre. These locations house dance, comedy, and drama, and musical performances. For modern art fans, the Ipswich Art Gallery is open to the public for contemporary and popular exhibitions.

Settling in Ipswich

Ipswich residents need not to live far from home to get quality education, as the University of Suffolk and Suffolk New College are situated in the small town. State-funded secondary schools like the Northgate High Schools and St. Albans Catholic School, as well as Chantry Academy and Ipswich Academy are located here. There are apartment units, rooms, and houses for rent in Ipswich that will surely match your living style—whether you are looking for a modern-looking home or Elizabethan-inspired flats to rent in Ipswich. No matter what your needs are, you will always find a home in Ipswich. After all, Ipswich is a place where the past and present meet, and where friends and family members can build fond and bright memories.

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