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Reasons why Kent is truly the ‘Garden of England’

The county of Kent, also known as the ‘Garden of England’ coined by Henry VIII is considered as the oldest county in England. Kent is known for its unique architecture, with oast-houses that have tall pyramid or cone-like roofs. Kent is triangular in shape, and covers the southeast part of England.

Kent is a place that has seen the victories and losses of the English people. Kent is considered as the oldest recorded name in the history of Britain, as first recorded by Greek and Roman writers in 55 BC. Kent was then called Kention, and its people Cantii. The origins of the word are not definite, but the Celtic word ‘canto,’ where the name Kent was also coined after, means a rim or an edge. The county’s name perfectly depicts its location, as it is in the ‘canto’ of England. Kent is situated near East Sussex, Surrey, the Strait of Dover, and Greater London. With twelve administrative districts, it is the most populated and largest county in all of United Kingdom.

Culture in Kent

Kent is a place that is full of history and culture. In terms of architecture, there are three well-known forms for majority of the buildings—the oast house, Kentish peg tiles, and the Wealden hall house. The Canterbury Cathedral which was founded in 598 AD is a vital architectural, cultural, and religious setting in Kent. The Rochester Cathedral, which is England’s second oldest cathedral, is also located in Kent, which boasts of an Early English architectural style.

As one of the main places that strategically defended the Kingdom, Kent is the location of the Richborough Castle, the Dover Castle, the Rochester Castle, and the Deal Castle, among others. There are also nine Anglo-Saxon churches in the county of Kent.

Kent has served as an inspiration for notable artists and writers throughout history. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, which is one of the pillars of British literature, was set in Kent. Charles Dickens’ father used to work at the Chatham Dockyard, and has celebrated the place’s scenery in a lot of his written work. William Caxton, the person who first introduced the use of the printing press in England, was born and raised in Kent. Visual artists including Richard Dadd, Mary Tourtel, and Thomas Sidney Cooper, had paintings that depicted their lives in Kent.

Kent is also a great location for people who are looking for local performances. The Marlowe Theater, which is the county’s biggest theater, is located in Canterbury. It has hosted performances for musical acts throughout the years. Other venues for musical acts include the Leas Cliff Hall and the Assembly Hall.

Since the 19th century, Kent has been an accessible location. The Canterbury and Whistable Railway, which was founded in 1830 being the first locomotive-driven and passenger-carrying railway in Britain, can be found in Kent. Through the South Eastern Railway, Kent has been linked to London terminals.

Living in Kent

Kent is a great place to live and work, as there is an abundance of job opportunities here. Unlike other counties, people living in Kent can choose from a variety of work industries. There are many flats to rent in Kent, and commuting around the area is a breeze. The place houses numerous art schools, cities, beaches, and a magnificent countryside. Thus, looking for a property for rent in Kent is not a problem.

For those who are searching for a new place to thrive and stay, Kent seems to be a sound choice. After all, who would not want to live in a place where history and modern opportunities go well together?

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