Balham is a community situated south of the city of London. People who have been to Balham describes the area as lively, bustling and busy and if you are looking for the ideal place to stay in London which has a lively atmosphere and is close to most everything that you will need, then Balham is the area for you.

Balham’s features
Balham High Road is the heart of the district and this is lined with a great selection of shopping centres, high end shops, quaint boutiques, electronic gadgets stores and an impressive selection of restaurants and cafes.
The best nightlife can be found Balham where a great selection of bars, clubs and 24 hour cafes are the most vibrant places to go. People who love to go clubbing will find live nightly performances and a fun atmosphere with a wide selection of pubs to go to. And if you are not too fond of loud music, then you can dine in 24 hour cafes and specialty restaurants near High Street.
When it comes to green open spaces, there are a lot of places to go to where you and your family can relax and have fun during the weekends. Balham is strategically surrounded by green boroughs like Wandsworth, Tooting Graceney and Tooting Bec. You will be able to find large open areas where residents play football, rugby and other outdoor sports.
Moving in and out of Balham involves accessible underground service provided by the Northern Lin as well as links that lead to Victoria located in Central London which will take you to Gatwick. Other means of travelling in and out Balham are buses, cabs and by bike.

Renting Balham flats
You have a choice between affordable to overly priced yet superb flats for rent in Balham. The most affordable units are two to three bedroom units with spacious living and dining areas plus fully furnished or bare features at a price from £3,000 to £7,000 pcm.  The area is attractive to affluent families and professionals with businesses in the city. A choice between flat conversions to Victoria-style mansions in Balham will be your new home. Amenities are out of the question since most homes already have complete amenities as well as utilities like landline phones, connectivity to the Internet and digital cable programming.  When it comes to fully furnished homes, there are units with exquisite furniture selections, high end entertainment equipment and attractive interiors. You will find the ideal, quiet and peaceful home for you and your family in the city when you look for homes in Balham.

Remember before you rent flats in Balham
There are several things that you should remember before you rent in Balham. You must be certain how large your living space is first so you will know what to expect in a wide selection of properties available in the district. Are you relocating with your partner, your large family or just by yourself? Do you prefer a two bedroom flat or four or more rooms to accommodate every member of the family? Do you have pets you plan to take with you? Do you need facilities for physically disabled members or member of the family? All these questions will lead you to the ideal flat for rent in Balham. And if your budget restricts you from renting a spacious and accommodating flat in the district then you absolutely need to shop for properties using an online property finder. You will not just be able to narrow down your search but find the most suitable one in the vibrant area of Balham.