You can never talk about the River Thames without mentioning Battersea; this is an area located on the south side of Thames and is also famous for its expensive places to shop and luxurious and spacious places to live.

Battersea’s features
There has been a large overflow of population in Battersea within the past years and this is possibly due to the area’s revived shopping, nightlife and leisure facilities. First of all Battersea is known for its renowned residents since housing here are stylish, high class and exceptionally upscale. With the glamour of the people that reside in the area, there is a long line of high end shops that attract not just local residents but tourists as well. There is just too much to do in Battersea in a single day; from shopping, eating out, and enjoying leisure activities to clubbing. All in all, having fun at Battersea is an understatement; there is so much to do with so little time!

The best way to move about in Battersea is through the tube with stations Clapham Common and station Clapham South that service the district. There are also trains that take you to where you want to go as well as buses and cabs that will take you to places amidst busy streets. Battersea was once a heavily polluted area because of the backdrop power station. However, the area was transformed into a suitable place to live in when nearby factories and industries were demolished and removed. Modern apartment areas replaced factories and hazardous industries transforming Battersea into the most suitable place to live in.

Flats in Battersea
Battersea is home to four housing developments like Surrey Lane Estate, Doddington, Winstanley Estate and Rollo Estate while there are also newer residential developments in the area which includes properties in Soudan Road and Foxmore Street as an example. Flats for rent in Battersea range from high end properties that cost anywhere from £3,000 to £5,000. These properties have three to five bedrooms and three to four toilets, made especially for large families with three or more children. You can also find spacious homes with huge living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms and bath; there are even homes that are partially to fully furnished. Almost all properties are well-maintained and are ready to be occupied as soon as possible.  Amenities and utilities are present in most flats for rent in the area and this includes landline phones, Internet access and cable or satellite television programming. If you are looking for a stylish and modern home then you can find fully furnished units with the interior of your liking. Overall, homes are charming, reasonably-priced and with complete amenities.

Remember before renting flats in Battersea
Before you make up your mind on the ideal flat for rent in Battersea that your choice must be according to the number of family members that live with you; if you are relocating all by yourself or with your new partner then you could do with flats with a few rooms but if you are taking the entire clan there are also units with more rooms and with more spacious living areas. You should always meet with property owners and developers first hand so you will be aware of special rules like smoking, pets and noise which are a huge deal when you live in a flat or in an apartment. And if your budget is a constant worry, you can find the ideal place to let from an online property finder or seller’s site so you will be able to narrow your searches down.