Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green is located in East London and it belongs to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It was once an agrarian area where farming, weaving and various light industries were created however after the war, all these disappeared and the district was transformed into a large area where there are social housing projects and commercial establishments.

Bethnal Green features
Bethnal Green has a varied demographic group; which makes it one of the most multicultural areas in the city. There are shops that sell different items from different countries, dining places like restaurants and cafes that serve different cuisines and places of worship as well. There are also an abundance of schools in the district. There are primary schools, secondary and universities located in and near Bethnal Green. Being near schools or accessible from schools make the area one of the most sought after by families with school age children. Shopping is very enjoyable in Bethnal Green since you can find almost everything you need in the area. There are also several shops that sell unique foods and food items or if you are fond of cooking different cuisines, trust that there are key ingredients that are found in local shops and markets.

This district is also famous for its large green open spaces where families can retreat during the weekends. There are open spaces where football and rugby fanatics can play sports while there are still plenty of open grassy areas where you can picnic, sunbathe or just laze around. If you are into clubbing, there are several pubs in the commercial district of Bethnal Green; you can also spend the evenings in cafes where you can relax and unwind after work.
Getting around Bethnal Green is easy. You can use the London Underground and drop off stations Whitechapel, Bethnal Green and Stepney Green. There are also railway stations, bus routes and cabs in case you miss the tube.

Flats in Bethnal Green
The most common housing developments in Bethnal Green are social housing-type flats which have a varied rental price. You can find flats for rent for the most minimal price or units that are either fully furnished or bare. If you are moving alone to Bethnal Green then you may choose to rent a studio-type flat with all the basic amenities and utilities that a renter would need like landline phones, high speed internet and cable television programming. You can also enjoy a large unit with three or more rooms if you are planning to relocate with the entire family. Every family member will have their own living space with flats with spacious living areas, dining areas and baths.
Parking is one of the most common issues when you rent flats in Bethnal Green. Modern flats are mostly equipped with secure and safe parking areas while period housing tenants may not be too lucky with no parking spaces at all.

Remember before renting flats in Bethnal Green
Before you rent a unit in Bethnal Green be certain on what kind of flat your require. Do you need a large one with more rooms for a large family? Are you just starting over and may require only a studio type unit? You can get all these when you choose your flat for rent from property sites online. With this online service you will also be able to choose the most affordable and the unit with the most features that you and your family will enjoy. And if ever you are on a budget, you can also check out bargain units through an online property Bethnal Green service.