From the London Borough of Lambeth is Brixton. It is situated south of London and was once a vast farm land before the Vauxhall Bridge was opened in the beginning of the 19th century. It is now a dense residential area with a large variety of flats and council estates. One thing is for sure, homes in Brixton offer a variety of styles, number of rooms and rental prices.

Brixton features
When there are residential properties there are sure to be market places, commercial areas and major places where people can spend weekends leisurely together. Shopping and dining are just two of the best reasons to stay in Brixton. There are shopping centres, a number of high end shops and several dining establishments which are at par with high class restaurants in the city. Brixton is included in the 35 major cities in the London Plan which means there are huge plans to make this area more improved and more spectacular in the future. With the rise of popular night spots in the area like Brixton Academy, home to world renowned bands and disc jockey performances, Brixton will continuously become one of the hottest areas to go clubbing and partying with your family and friends. And two of the best reasons to stay awake and party in Brixton are changing London’s wild music scene: The Fridge and the Brixton Splash. If you love the night life, this is the district for you.

And if you think that Brixton is just famous for its nightlife then you better get ready to savour its active day life; this district is home to the only remaining large-sized outdoor pools. Skating is also one of the favourite pastimes in the area with a skate park ready to accommodate residents and tourists alike.

Transport hubs in Brixton are the busiest; you may access the area via the south terminal of Victoria line from Walthamstow in North East London. The station that services Brixton is ranked as the ninth busiest station in the city with less than 30,000 customers being serviced every day. You may also move about Brixton via bus or cab. There is also Brixton railway station located on Atlantic Road; you can arrive in Victoria in just seven minutes via fast train service.

Flats in Brixton
Brixton flats are very affordable and vary in style and size. There are spacious flats with three or more bedrooms for a large family which ranges from £2,000 to £3,000 pcm. Fully furnished flats are stylish, high quality and secured with beautiful kitchens, inspiring baths and impressive large living rooms and dining areas.

You can also find bare flats for rent which are more affordable and leaves plenty of room to create and let you imagination soar. Amenities on the other hand are mostly readily available like landline phones, lightning fast internet connection and cable television programming.

Remember before renting flats in Brixton
Before renting flats in Brixton you need to be specific about how large your living area is. Do you prefer a studio type flat or a two to three bedroom unit that is ideal for a medium to large family? Aside from this, you also need to be certain if the property allows pets, smoking tenants and even small children. Determine how long your rental contract is since some flats only provide 1 to 2 year contracts for their tenants. You can easily look for the ideal properties for rent in Brixton through an online property finder; with these online sites you may narrow down your search and find properties that will suit your budget.