Chiswick is an area just several minutes outside Central London. It boasts of superb commercial and business establishments, residential areas and enchanting green spaces where families will love to come and unwind. It is one of the best places to live, visit and thrive since the area is pretty much close to everything else. There are busy financial areas, vibrant night spots and quiet residential areas making it one of the best places to stay in London.

Chiswick’s features
Just like most towns and districts in West London, there is a unique community spirit in Chiswick basically coming from the residents’ love for their home sports: football and rugby. The area has seven rugby union clubs with outdoor rugby playing fields, sports amenities and areas where residents can play netball and football as well. Being close to the River Thames makes the area a favourite among rowers plus there are several fitness centres, gyms, fitness facilities, swimming pools and recreational facilities with tennis courts.

If you love to shop and dine out, Chiswick offers the best of the best. There are high end shops, fantastic five star restaurants and impressive shopping areas that rival Central London. You can find the best furniture for your new home, clothes and accessories as well as hot electronic gadgets when you shop in Chiswick’s popular commercial areas.

And if you are fond of the night life, Chiswick is also a perfect neighbourhood for you. There are high end pubs, 24/7 restaurants and coffee shops. You will never have to set for Central London anymore with establishments at Chiswick.

Chiswick flats for rent
There are gorgeous Victorian-style homes and elegant flats and apartments that overlook the river making the area a bit pricey when it comes to rent. But this does not have to stop you from looking at places to rent in Chiswick, there are also affordable for rent flats in the area.

Flats for rent in Chiswick may have two to five bedrooms and two to three baths perfect for a large family. You have the pleasure of choosing between a fully furnished, partially furnished or bare flat for rent but the most highly recommended are properties with complete basic amenities like kitchen appliances, dining tables, air conditioning units and more. Utilities are an understatement; almost all flats are equipped with phones, Internet connectivity and cable television programming.
Chiswick flats are also close to most transportation hubs allowing residents easy access to schools, business centres, commercial areas and leisure facilities. The London Underground services Chiswick with stations Chiswick Park, Gunnersbury, Turnham Green and Stamford Brook. With its strategic location at the head of the M4 it is very accessible for cabs, busses, by bike or even by walking. Heathrow Airport is located minutes from Chiswick.

Remember before renting flats in Chiswick
Before renting any flat in Chiswick determine how large you want your next home to be. This is determined by the number of rooms and baths you want. A large family would be better off with three or more rooms while a couple starting together will be great with one or two room flats. Worrying about parking facilities is common in almost all districts in London so if you have your own vehicle, be sure to look for flats with private parking spaces or access to public paid parking areas. Chiswick is a great place to live since your home is close to almost everything that you could ask for. And even where rent may be more expensive than most areas in West London, it’s a fair price to pay for a great place to stay.