Croydon is one of London’s busiest places, as it is London’s second biggest shopping destination and home to many blue-chip companies.  Apart from these, Croydon has shops, cinemas, restaurants, bars, cafes and a library.  Because of many available jobs and the upbeat lifestyle in Croydon, a lot of people are drawn to the place to live, work or study.  Staying in Croydon would mean getting a flat to rent, and since the place is a very desirable area that attracts people of diverse cultures, the flats to rent in Croydon are also varied.  They come in different styles such as modern purpose built blocks flats and apartments.  Some are Edwardian and Victorian converted properties.

Before you head out to look for a flat for you and your family, consider the following things first.

You need to know how big you want your flat to be
If you are going to live alone, then you do not need a big flat all for yourself.  If you will be moving to Croydon with your family, then find a flat that has enough room for everyone.  Find the flat that would suit you best at a price you can afford.

Check out the areas in Croydon first before you choose a flat
Ideally, you must have several choices to choose from, and compare the key features of the flats so that you can pick the best one for you.  If you decide to stay in South Croydon, there are many properties you can pick from.  South Croydon is also a nice area with a suburban feel so if you feel this is the right place for you, find a flat to rent in this area.  If you are an affluent professional, you might want to look for flats in the East Croydon area where upscale flats to rent are available.  For more affordable flats to let, try the West Croydon area.

Consider your budget
Speaking of budget, we are not referring only to the rental fee per month, but also the other bills and expenses you have to pay.  These factors must be considered before you take the flat of your choice.  Is it near your place of work or study?  If it is too far, then maybe you can choose some place nearer to cut-off on transportation expenses.  You would want to make life in Croydon convenient for you, and paying for things you cannot afford is not the way to go.

Check the unit out yourself
You have to see if the space is big enough, whether repairs need to be made and so you can ask the landlady or landlord any questions you need to ask like whether pets are allowed in the unit or not. Ask when was the flat constructed and if any updates have been made to the unit. If you have a car, check whether a safe parking space is available. It is always better to check the flat out yourself as relying on testimonies and advertisements is not enough.  Also, you may ask about the term of the lease as others would have a term of a year while others have an open lease length.

Living in Croydon is a good choice as the town provides its dwellers everything they need from entertainment, health care, education and leisure.  This is a good place to start a life for yourself and your family as it has a lot to offer.  So get yourself and your family a good flat to rent and enjoy life in Croydon.