Dagenham is a borough in East London and is considered one of the smaller boroughs in the city. It was mainly agrarian before it was developed into an estate in the early 20th century. Dagenham today is mainly residential, homes and flats are mostly developed council housing estates. You can also find units that have been regenerated which have attracted families and business professionals in and out the city.

Dagenham’s features
Dagenham started to develop when the Ford Motor Company built a manufacturing plant in the area which brought workers and their families to the district. Other regeneration projects located in the area are a part of the Thames Gateway Regeneration Programme. Aside from modern residential estates there are also commercial and leisure establishments that have attracted people all over the city. Establishments like shopping areas, market places, quaint specialty shops and boutiques have sprouted due to the increased population in the area. There are also places where residents can indulge in leisure and fitness activities like massages, aerobic exercises, yoga, meditation and so many more.

Outdoor activities are also best enjoyed in Dagenham where residents love to go outdoors and play football or rugby matches in nearby open green areas. You may also find people indulging in activities under the sun which is very rare in UK. People would hike, ride their bike, picnic and just play under the warm sunlight.
Night life is enchanting in Dagenham together with nearby boroughs and districts in East and West London. You can find a few but interesting pubs and bars, you may watch live shows, bands and guest appearances of popular singers and performers if you are lucky. If you are tired of clubbing and would like to spend the night in a quiet café, there are 24 hour cafes in the area where you can relax and unwind.
Transportation in Dagenham is described as accessible, fast and prompt with the Hammersmith and City Line servicing the area in several stations. You may also ride buses even in the wee hours of the evening or you may take a cab to anywhere you want to go for a reasonable fee.

Dagenham flats
Properties in Dagenham are composed of modern flats and terraced housing. You may find it hard to look for single detached homes since flats and apartment units are the most leased types of unit. In this area, the most common properties to let are flats with two to three rooms whether furnished or not. Flats for rent in the area may also have complete amenities and utilities like landline phones, cable television programming and Internet connection which make flats ready to be occupied the soonest time possible.
Being near schools, business districts and commercial establishments make Dagenham flats more attractive to more families than usual. This area will soon be more popular than ever especially when future developments push through.

Remember before renting flats in Dagenham
Before you rent properties in Dagenham you must consider all your options. List down all important details of the type and size of flat you want to let. The number of rooms always determines an approximate of how large a flat is and for a large family, Dagenham flats with three or more bedrooms are the best choice.
Looking for the most affordable flat for rent? Surely you will be able to do with no trouble through an online property search. An online search will allow you to narrow down your search through your budget as well as the number of rooms, bathrooms or whether you require a furnished or bare flat unit.