Ealing is a district of west London, England. It is situated 7.9 miles or 12.7 kilometres west of Charing Cross. Long ago, it was a rural village in the country of Middlesex. Now it is one of the major metropolitan centres in London. It is a significant commercial centre of London. The name “Ealing” comes from a Saxon name “Gillingas” which means “Place of the people associated with Gilla”. Gilla was a personal name.

Ealing is known as the” Queen of the Suburbs”. It has a large community of Irish living here. It has a very good communication and road transport system. A lot of pubs and restaurants can be found here. Large markets and shopping malls are available here. Every kind of public facility like hospital, railway, university, police station, fire service, park, library, convention centres etc. are available here. Ealing is a highly commercial area.

In Ealing’s residential property, 70% is flat and only 30% is house. Renting a flat in Ealing would be a wise decision to make for a person who works there or works in the London and nearby.

Finding a flat is not very difficult in Ealing. There are a lot of advertisements about “Flat to let” in the daily newspapers and different public places. A person can also find a flat for rent if he/she searches for them personally in Ealing. Renting notices can be found at the front entrance of the flat. Renting is better than buying a property. A house costs lot more than renting a flat in Ealing.

Flats come with different renting prices depending upon the facilities and spaces these are proving. A flat with one bedroom will cost 150 to 200 pounds per week. Two bedrooms flat will cost 250 to 350 pounds per week. Three bedrooms flat will cost 350 to 650 pounds per week and a flat with four bedrooms may cost 600 to 800 pounds per week. For a large family, five or six bedrooms flat may be needed. Five bedrooms flat will cost 1000 to 1300 pounds per week. Six and seven bedrooms flat will cost 1100 to 1350 and 1700 to 2000 pounds per week. Flat rent increases with increasing number of bedrooms. These rental prices mentioned earlier are the average prices for different kind of flats.

Depending on the space that a flat contains, flat rent differs too. There are two types of flats, one with small space and the other with wider space. But both of these flats have the same number of bedrooms. A person has to choose one of them. If a person likes to live with a broad space, he/she will choose the flat with bigger space. On the other hand, if he/she has no problem with the smaller one, he/she could choose that too. Generally a smaller flat gives a suffocating feeling. The rent of the larger flat is higher than the rent of the smaller one.

Other types of flats are also available in Ealing. One is the Flat with all kind of furniture and the other one is without any furniture. The flat rent gets high if it includes all furniture. Empty flat costs less. Buying and moving furniture from one place to another is a great hassle. A person who does not like that kind of harassment can rent a full furnished flat.

A good flat in Ealing can provide many other facilities besides only living there.  A good flat in a nice apartment building can provide a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a ballroom, a tennis court and so on for recreation. In order to own these facilities, a person has to spend enormous amount of money, which may not be possible for him/her. If a person rents a nice flat with these facilities, he/she does not have to spend that much money.

It is mandatory to read the terms and conditions carefully before renting a flat.