Greenwich is situated beside the river Thames. It is a district of south-east London, England. It is situated only 5.5 miles or 8.9 kilometres south-east of Charing Cross. The name “Greenwich” was given by the Danish settlers, which means “The green place on the bay or near the mouth of a river”. It is very close to central London yet far from all the chaos of London.

Greenwich is very beautiful and peaceful place for living. It has a very good communication and transport system. Various types of shops like craft shops, antique shops, cloth stores, shops for collectables and many others are located here. Verities of restaurants are also available here too. Greenwich has a perfect charming park called Greenwich Park and a maritime museum.  It is a perfect place for living for the people who woks in London or nearby. Flats are available here for renting. A flat in Greenwich will give a person and his/her family everything they need.

Flat rent in Greenwich differs for various reasons. The average flat rent in Greenwich is 495 pounds per week. The flat rent varies depending upon how many bedrooms it has. For a single bedroom flat, it will cost 270 pounds per week, for two bedrooms it will cost 400 pounds per week, for three bedrooms, the rent will be 483 pounds per week. These are the average rental price. The more bed room a person needs, the higher the price will become. The average rental price for a four bedroom flat is 668 pounds per week, five bedrooms flat will cost 604 pounds per week and after that six bedrooms flat will cost 1385 pounds per week on an average.

For renting a flat in Greenwich, one has to look for the advertisement in the newspaper. People may find “flat to rent” notices on public places and also on the web-sites. In order to find a flat to rent, people may also search apartments. In the entrance there will be a notice mentioning “flat to-let” if any empty flat is there.

Flat rent not only differs for how many bedrooms it contains but also for another reason. If a flat is highly decorated with furniture, its rent will be more than two times of the usual rent of that flat. A person may choose whether he/she is going to rent a fully furnished flat or an empty flat, which in future he/she will decorate according to his/her preference.

A person should choose a flat where he/she can move freely. A very small flat can give a person a feeling of suffocation. On the other hand a large flat can provide enough space for a person to move freely and gives a feeling of broadness. So a person should choose what kind of flat he/she wants. Choosing a flat with wide space will cost higher. A two bedrooms huge flat will cost lot more than a two bedrooms small flat. There are flats with wide terraces.  These flats give a good view to the outside. A flat with wide terrace near the Greenwich Park would be a worthy one for a person who loves natural beauty very much. These kinds of flats are available in Greenwich. All a person has to do is to go there and find a suitable one.

Renting a good and nice flat also comes with many other facilities like a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a gym, an emergency healthcare centre etc. All apartments do not provide such facilities. Only good and costly apartments provide them. In order to enjoy those facilities, a flat has to be rented in those apartments.

Before renting a flat in Greenwich, a person should read the terms and conditions very carefully, be sure of the rent and should give a good look to the place where he/she is going to live.