Hackney has undergone a lot of improvements from mainly a commercial and financial district to a more residential feel. Old buildings and dilapidated structures were torn down to make way for modern apartments and flats while commercial establishments, leisure facilities and night life also flourished as a result.

Hackney features
There are so many improvements in Hackney and among this is the overall quality of open green spaces and parks that are found in different areas of the district. You can now bring your family to play and have fun in parks or you may choose to do outdoor fitness activities like walking, running or hiking. There are expansive rugby and football playing fields in Hackney Marshes you may also want to check out. And aside from outdoor activities, there are also special facilities in Hackney for indoor sports and fitness like gyms, indoor fitness centres and even indoor pools and training centres. Families will also enjoy taking their children to indoor children play areas as well.

Shopping is not a disappointment for residents of Hackney, there are a lot of place to shop for all kinds of items for your home, business or for your personal consumption. From high end shops, speciality retail stores, convenience stores, wet markets, food stalls to small shops you will never have to look far for all the things that you need.
If you love to dine out then Hackney is also the place for you since there are international restaurants serving all sorts of specialty cuisine, quaint bakeries and cafes and restaurants serving five star dishes comparable to popular hotels. Nightlife is also vibrant in Hackney and most of the best selection of clubs and pubs are located near commercial centres.

Hackney flats
You have a wide choice of converted villas to waterside rentals when you choose Hackney as your new neighbourhood. Properties near the riverside are more expensive but are very stylish, impressively designed and are mostly fully furnished. Rental rates start from as low as £2,000 to £3,000 pcm with two to three spacious bedrooms and partially furnished kitchens. Single flats on the other hand are more affordable and may be furnished or bare. When it comes to amenities and utilities, there are units with full amenities like landline phones, Internet access and cable television programming.

One of the main reasons why there are so many families looking for a place in Hackney is that it is accessible using a variety of transport hubs. The London Underground service has stations in Hackney where commuters may catch a fast train across London. The Overground service also has stations that allow residents to move about in utmost convenience. Aside from railway services, there are also buses that help you move faster while cabs will also take you to where you want to go faster.

Remember before renting flats in Hackney
Before renting flats in Hackney, you must understand that no two property owner is alike. There are owners who allow pets while others are concerned with the noise and allergies that pets bring. If you have new-borns or very young children, property owners may find crying babies a nuisance; some owners may also dislike tenants who smoke, who drink alcohol and who do drugs. While all these may be petty things for some owners, some may feel these are very important issues that renters have to abide to.  Meeting owners and property developers in person will help you gauge the ideal flat for rent for you and your family and the best way to meet property owners and developers is through an online search. With an online property search, you will be able to find the ideal Hackney units for rent in no time at all.