Kingston Upon Thames

Southwest of London is Kingston Upon Thames an area that has rich historical and cultural traditions; it has transformed from a small town with a busy market place as its centre to a major residential and shopping destination in the city.

Kingston Upon Thames’ features
What sets Kingston Upon Thames apart from other towns, boroughs and areas near London is its unrivalled retail area which is home to many shopping centres, high end shops and impressive market places. You can find Bentall Shopping Centre which is one of the biggest selections of high end shops in one roof. You may also check out smaller, medieval-style markets that sell fruits in season, fresh vegetables, fish, meat and different types of grains. And if you want to indulge in the best foods in the city, there are several specialty restaurants in the area, pubs, coffee shops, bakeries and fine dining restaurants. This area in Kingston Upon Thames is also offers the best in entertainment with a large cinema and other recreational facilities.

Sports and outdoor activities are gloriously celebrated in Kingston Upon Thames with a variety of fitness centres, training centres and facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling alleys and places where residents can play netball and cricket. Large green spaces are also abundant in the area with parks like Richmond Park and the popular Bushy Park within reach of residents. You can also enjoy a round of football, rugby and other outdoor sports at these open areas.

Going about in Kingston Upon Thames is easy; the area has links to the A3 as well as access from the National Rail and the airports Heathrow and Gatwick. There are also boat rides that will take you down the River Thames to Hampton Court and to Richmond.

Kingston Upon Thames flats
Several choices await renters when they look for flats for rent in Kingston Upon Thames. There are Edwardian-style homes, opulent and spacious Victorian inspired houses and beautiful converted homes transformed into large luxury flats. You can choose form single rooms, two to three bedroom flats or fully furnished or bare units or you may find your ideal home in the area through a variety of price ranges. Large flats are ideal for large families while one to two bedroom units are ideal for couples starting out their lives together, college students or professionals.

Amenities are out of the question since most flats in the area offer complete amenities like landline phones, Internet connections and cable television programming. You will also find furnished kitchens with impressive kitchen equipment like induction hobs, large French-style refrigerators and impressively decorated countertops and cabinets. Parking stations are mostly allotted for flats in modern buildings while old style units may have trouble finding parking spaces in city streets.

Remember before you rent flats in Kingston Upon Thames
Kingston Upon Thames offers the best accommodations Southwest of London however you need to be particular of several things when you decide to find flats for rent in the area. First of all, pets are not always welcome in most units so mention this beforehand as you look for the ideal property. There are old-style homes that may not be child-proofed as well have access for people with disabilities.  If you are looking for a flat fort rent that suits your budget then you may consider finding the right property online. There are London property for rent sites that will help you narrow down your search using several factors like the number of bedrooms, baths, toilets, amenities and of course according to price range. Be patient and you will find your dream home in Kingston Upon Thames in no time at all.