North London

North London is composed of Barnet, Enfield and Haringey.  Because it is one of the busiest parts of London, people are attracted to the many job opportunities, entertainment, leisure, tourist attractions and many other good things that North London has to offer to its dwellers.

London is one of the well-loved cities not just in Europe but all over the world so people of different cultures and traditions come to North London to work or study.  Living conveniently in North London would require you to rent a flat that would suit you or your family best.  If you are moving to any of the places in North London, you should start looking for a flat to rent as early as possible.  Ideally, finding for a flat should be done 2 to 3 months before your move date.  This way, you can scout for several flats to rent, compare key features and rental fees and consider other options.  Deciding on getting a flat a few weeks before you move to North London will let you rush on making a decision and could make your life in North London inconvenient.

Finding for a flat to rent in North London can be very tricky and stressful, as there are many flats and apartments available.  Here are some things to consider in choosing a flat.

It is important to consider the location of the flat where you wish to stay.  Is it in a safe neighborhood?  Will you have easy access to transportation?  Though North London provides good transportation to its dwellers, it is better to look for a flat that is near your place of work or near the school of your children if you have any.  Also, make sure if the flat you will be renting is within a place where access to establishments such as drugstore, convenience stores, supermarket or the gym is easy.  A good location of a flat to rent can help you save on transportation expenses.

There are many flats and apartments to rent in North London and they come in different styles to suit the needs of a diverse community.  Some have 2 to 3 bedrooms to accommodate a larger family and for those who opt to share the place with flat mates.   Depending on your needs, check the size and space that the flat can provide.  Make sure that it has enough space for everyone.  Also, ask whether pets are allowed in the flat.

Living in North London can be very costly.  So in looking for a flat or apartment to rent, set a budget and find one that fits right within your budget.  Consider all other expenses and bills to pay, especially the rental fee.  Make sure that you will find a flat that you can afford.

In finding for a flat to rent, make sure that you scout the area personally.  There are reliable internet and newspaper ads which advertise several flats and apartments for rent but do not rely on these ads alone.  You have to check the area yourself so you can check whether the space is big enough for you and those who will live with you.  Talk to the landlady or landlord, see if repairs and updates to the unit must be made, and discuss the contract with the owner thoroughly. If you have friends and colleagues who are more familiar with the area, ask help from them.  It is also important to search for several flats or apartments and have many options to choose from.