Romford is located just minutes outside Central London. It is known to be a vibrant but peaceful community with admiringly low crime rate. The area is also famous for schools that dot the vicinity; from primary schools to famous secondary schools as well as large open green areas that connect roads and byways leading to a busy and impressive town centre.

Romford features
When you think of Romford there are several things that may strike you. For one, it has one of the longest and the most established market scenes that are known to date back to the medieval times. There are different types of produce, fresh fish, meats, prepared foods, preserved fruits and souvenirs for tourists. You can also find house wares, carpets, tools, art and other handicrafts; everything you need is readily accessible where you are in Romford.

If you are tired of the outdoor market scene then you can trust that Romford has great shopping centres. The Liberty has the most units available for retailers and businessmen while the Lakeside Shopping Centre is one of the biggest and spacious in the area with over 300 stores housed in a single vibrant area.

Romford is also proud of its sports and fitness facilities. There are health clubs, sports centres and impressive areas where residents and tourists engage in leisure activities. In large green areas located in the district, one can jog, walk or picnic with his family. If you love staying up late and partying, then you will also love Romford’s active nightlife where there are clubs and pubs plus cafes where you can visit afterwards. Movie-goers will also love to go to cinema complexes where there is impressive audio and impeccable digital and 3D programming.

Moving in and about Romford is easy, you can ride a train if you want to reach London the fastest; there are fast trains that service the area for five times an hour. There are also buses that service the area even in the wee hours of the evening. Cabs also allow you to move about the district and with the impressive road links to the city; you would be in London in half the time.

Romford flats
The most famous flats for rent in Romford may be seen at the Brewery and several interesting properties at The Matrix where there are popular flats with fully furnished or bare interiors. There are new properties and converted terrace homes but the most popular units are found near commercial areas.

Romford offers affordable properties for rent with spacious interiors, one to two bedrooms and baths with bare kitchens and living areas for just £1,000 pcm and below. When it comes to home for large families, you can also find flats for rent with three or more rooms, two or more toilets and baths plus spacious and accommodating living areas for £2,500 to £3,000 pcm.

Remember before renting in Romford
Before renting in Romford, determine which property you would really like to live in. It depends on how may you are in the family as well as the amenities that you will really enjoy. Single people and couples will love to live in single room or two bedroom units. Larger families will be able to have all the room they need and more with flats with three or more bedrooms. Do you know that you can find properties for rent in Romford through an online search? Online property finders will help you look for the most affordable and the most inspiring home in this area without even breaking a sweat.