Shepherds Bush

Shepherds Bush is an area located in West London and belongs to the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It is primarily a residential location but residents acquire all the important items that they need from markets, small shops and food stores that are located in small patches within the area. Renting flats in Shepherds Bush is a dream since residents here enjoy peace and quiet amidst city living.

Shepherds Bush’s features
Shepherds Bush is one of the most popular areas in West London where residents enjoy their own unique open space called “Green”. This area is about 8 acres of grass and garden where residents can enjoy peace, nature and their families after work or during the weekends. The Green is also near Westfield shopping centre which is dubbed as the largest shopping is located in Europe. You can find high end shops here together with popular restaurants, entertainment centres, cinemas and so much more.

The area is also known for the Queens Park Rangers Football Club which is located in Loftus Road. And aside from football, Shepherds Bush residents are also fond of rugby, outdoor sports like swimming, polo and many more.
Getting through and fro Shepherds Bush is very easy. It is accessible from five London Underground stations: Shepherds Bush, White City, Shepherds Bush Market, Goldhawk Road and Wood Lane. You can also move about via bus, cab, riding a bike or by walking. Although the area is mostly residential, commercial areas, schools and businesses are mostly grouped together which makes them more accessible by any mode of transportation.

Flats for rent in Shepherds Bush
Flats in Shepherds Bush are smaller than the usual properties West of London however most offer impressive amenities that any family would surely appreciate. You may choose from a studio type flat to a two to three bedroom unit with matching number of toilets or bath. Kitchens are mostly packed with the basic necessities like refrigerators, cooking ranges, microwave ovens and kitchen cabinetry. Most have complete utilities like landline phones, Internet and cable television programming. Parking spaces are mostly provided but flats located near crowded areas in the city may end up having to park on the streets. Neighbourhoods are mostly quiet and hardly anything to worry even at night. When you are looking for peace and quiet amidst the bustling city life then Shepherds Bush is your top choice.

Remember before renting flats in Shepherds Bush
The area is accessible to most transportation hubs making it ideal for families with children since it would be easier to commute to and from school. However before you choose a flat to rent be sure to check out the owner’s rules about children and about pets. Although these seem to be unlikely, there are owners who prefer to have couples and single people as a lessee rather than have children or pets in their property.

An option of having your own garage for your car is also important since parking on the streets may be a risk to your car’s safety. And possibly an important thing to remember when renting flats in Shepherds Bush is that you have a lot of properties to choose from and possibly the best way to choose the best one for you or your family is to do an online property search. As you choose online, you will be able to choose flats for rent according to the features that you need and the price that you want to work with. By looking online, you will be able to find the ideal property in no time at all.