South London

South London is comprised of Bromley, Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton.  Each of these places has a lot of good things to offer such as good education, transportation, health care, entertainment and leisure.  There are parks and green spaces, bars and restaurants, modern shopping centers and reputable schools. Croydon, for one, is a retail hub and is the second biggest shopping destination next to Central London. Because of the many opportunities that South London can offer its dwellers, a lot of people are drawn to the areas in South London.  This is not a problem because South London provides a variety of flats and apartments that people can choose from.

Flats to rent in South London come in different styles to suit the lifestyle of people who come from diverse cultures.  The flats and apartments are extensive, ranging from modern purpose built blocks and Edwardian and Victorian converted properties.  These flats and apartments for rent are made to fit the lifestyle and needs of people from all walks of life who come to South London.  To make your search for a flat easier, consider the following:

Know what you want out of a flat
Renting in South London can be very challenging but if you know what you need in a home, you can narrow your search down by listing qualities and key features you want out of a flat.  If you want specific amenities, list them down.  If you have a pet, look for a flat where pets are allowed.  If any of you in the family has a medical condition, find a flat that is located just a few blocks away from a medical facility.  List as many needs as you can to give you some criteria in choosing a flat.

Stick to your budget
When looking for a flat to rent, set a budget and stick to it.  South London has a lot of attractions which makes the cost of living high.  To meet all of your needs, find a flat that you and your family can afford.  Consider all other expenses and bills to pay outside of the rent.  You want to make your life in South London convenient, and living within your means is one way to do it.

Seek advice and help
Once you have set a criteria and budget, ask help from friends and colleagues who know their way around South London.  Ask them to accompany you in searching for a flat to rent. If they have been around in the area much longer, they know where the safe neighborhoods are so they can most likely help you find a safe haven where you can live.  Shop around for flats to rent, do not just take a look at one or two units.

Look for online and newspaper ads
If you are new to South London and have not made friends with others yet, search for ads online.  Advertisements on the internet contain pictures and descriptions of the key features of the unit.  Also, these ads show the rental fee for each unit available so you will know which ones are within your budget.  However, do not rely on the ads alone.  You have to check the unit out yourself as some units may not look similar to the ones advertised.  See the place personally so you can check if the unit provides enough space and whether it needs some repairs.  Talk to the landlady or landlord, ask as many questions as you can regarding the use of the unit and discuss the contract thoroughly.