A residential area composed of spacious green areas is Twickenham; it is located south west of Central London. This district is very popular with couples, large families and for people who are looking for a retreat from their busy city life. Twickenham is also known as a town located very near the River Thames making it one of the most suitable place to come for rowing events and other outdoor sports.

Twickenham’s features
Aside from impressive outdoor amenities, Twickenham is also famous for its great shopping experience. It has all the ingredients of a shopper’s paradise: high end shopping centres, impressive boutiques, top of the line stores for electronic devices and gadgets and amazing local retailers that will surely offer anything you can think of. Shops that are located around Church Street are among the most frequented by locals and tourists making Twickenham famous around London.

And just when you think this area is only famous for its shopping you can bet too that there are fantastic places to dine and enjoy like five star restaurants, lively night life, a wide selection of bars and pubs and restaurants that serve international cuisine. But of course the usual fast food is still on the menu but new residents and tourists are recommended to explore the many gastronomic features of the district.

Moving about Twickenham is possible through the tube or through the over ground railway line. Commuters also travel by bus or by cab while some residents even walk to where they want to go. Shops are close to each other as well as residential area is close to commercial districts. The compactness and the proximity of the areas make Twickenham one of the best places to live and raise a family.

Twickenham flats for rent
Twickenham flats vary in size, styles and features as much as they vary in rental price. Most of the featured flats for rent have one, two to three bedrooms with spacious living rooms and renovated kitchens. A part of an updated kitchen is partially furnished units with induction hobs, microwave ovens and refrigerators. A large family will be happy to reside in a flat with three or more rooms, three or more baths with a spacious kitchen and den. A typical, spacious unit has all the amenities and utilities that a family would need while rent could range from less than £1000 to more than £3,000 pcm.

For rent flats in Twickenham are mostly modern while there are still units that date back to opulent Victorian era-style flats as well as historic Georgian and spacious Edwardian units.

Remember before you rent flats in Twickenham
You will simply get the best deal when you choose to rent flats in Twickenham however remember that property owners are different from one another. Although most flats and apartments allow pets inside there are some flat owners who are very particular about pets, noise and allergies. This is why having a dog or a cat must be mentioned right away before finding out too late that you cannot keep your pet in your new place. Some property owners are also particular of smoke or smoking tenants. You may either give up smoking or find other suitable properties instead.

Twickenham flats for rent may be the most ideal home in the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life, many are surprised how affordable and reasonably-priced properties are. This is why searching for the best unit through an online search is the best way to find the most suitable property in Twickenham. You will save time and effort of shopping for the flat of your dreams when you shop online.