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Houses Maidstone – The Garden of England’s Town

Maidstone is Kent’s town of which is the county town of England. The place of Kent is actually known to be the Garden of England. Maidstone lies thirty-two miles east-south-east of London, and the River Medway which runs through the town’s centre connecting it with The Thames Estuary and Rochester. The River Medway carried many of the Maidstone’s trade as Kent’s centre of the agricultural county. You can find the cast of the 125 million years old herbivore dinosaur named Iggy in Maidstone Museum. Iggy’s skeleton was discovered in the town’s quarry during 1834.

The town of Maidstone has a rich history that goes back to Mesolithic times. It is also home to the palace of Archbishop, which is recognized before as the 14th-century residence of the Canterbury’s Archbishop. It first gained its status as a town in 1549 when it was acknowledged the Royal Charter. After five years, Maidstone loses its title when they participated in the Wyatt Rebellion, this caused by the decision of Queen Mary to get married to Philip of Spain. They get back and lost their title as a town over a number of times.

Maidstone was known to be an industrial powerhouse before the town leave from the traditional heavy industries and towards a wealthy based on the service sector and light industry. This place is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest towns and named after a large monolith that was found in this place.

What makes living in Maidstone the best?

The pleasing and scenic town of Maidstone features many historic view and modern structures, making it a popular destination for some people looking for a new place. Some look for a property to rent in Maidstone because it is well-connected to the city of London and other nearby cities and towns. Maidstone also provides plenty of career opportunities and nice neighbourhoods.

The town of Maidstone is a mixture of rural beauty with modernism style. It has plenty of new developments and industries and everything that you are looking for from a large contemporary town. These are some of the reasons why there are plenty of people looking for flats to rent in Maidstone to live and work here.

If you are looking for a place with a low crime rate then better search for houses for rent in Maidstone as this place has fairly low crime levels in general. They also have a two-tier school system, with both grammar and comprehensive schools. The University for the Creative Arts is situated near to the town, which is a well-known university for design and arts.

Maidstone is a good place to work where their paper industry has been a great source of employment in the town since before. The paper and packaging organisations here have always been providing a range of job opportunities from management to light industrial positions. Some other industries that are offering jobs here are tech and services jobs.

The town's transportation is reliable and extensive also. Maidstone has an accessible road and rail going to London making it a famous option for commuters. The town is also well-connected to other cities and towns of interest.

Important things to remember

The values of property in Maidstone run the range from small and inexpensive houses which are ideal for first-time buyers or renters. There are also highly recommendable residences in outstanding areas. The singles rooms and budget flats in house-shares are in high demand due to the proximity of Maidstone to the University for the Creative Arts.

There is also a high demand for more desirable and larger homes which is driven by the occupancy of higher-paying employers in the sector of technology and the massive number of commuters residing in the town. Rents are comparably inexpensive, with family homes that are being quite affordable.

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