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About Oxford

Oxford is a small university city with less than approximately 166,000 residents. It just lies about 82 miles northwest of London and 52 miles away from Birmingham. To set the record straight, Oxford once became Britain’s capital but not anymore. It can attract as much as 10 million visitors in a year, is considered as one of the loveliest tourist destinations in the whole UK.

It is highly understandable that Oxford can generate such a commanding number of visitors because of its amazing architecture, fascinating culture, historic acclaim and amazing landscapes. This certainly appeals to everybody from around the globe. Oxford's notoriety as a film venue was due to Harry Potter's films being filled here.

Oxford University as the second best and longest current university in the world and is recognized as one of the world’s excellent centres of learning. The town is not only known for its scenic places and university but also characterized but the endearing characteristics that make it a fascinating palace to study and live in.

A brief history of Oxford documented that King Charles I had his troops hid on Port Meadow and at the papal tribunal in Oxford during the English Civil War. The city had endorsed the parliamentarian bill itself while the University was one of the King's fervent supporters. The prince resided in Christ Church College between 1642 and 1646 where parliament was established.

During WWII, Adolf Hitler intended to use Oxford and set it as his capital once he has invaded the country. According to students at the Oxford Bodleian Library. several accounts have shown that he intended to attack the UK and create Oxford his fresh government base. This the reason that Oxford suffered fewer casualties unlike the other cities in the UK.

Create Memorable Experiences in Oxford

The city also produced a list of well-known writers and personalities. You can visit where JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis used to meet, the Child and the Eagle located on St. Giles. You can also visit Alice Shop at 83 St. Aldates where you can see and feel the inspiration behind Lewis Carroll’s immortal heroine. A brief walk to the Oxford Botanic Gardens will undoubtedly take you to the bench at the back of the Garden where it once featured the Amber Spyglass by the famous writer Philip Pullman.

When you are visiting Oxford, you can schedule a tour of the University of Oxford. It is led by tour guides who are familiar with schools, hidden corners and quads of heart. Catch a tour during the early morning just the sun is behind the spires to catch this view. You have to be on top of a hill or building to be able to view the city’s skyline.

People also visit the University of Oxford because it was a source of the finest research documents in the world. Here you can enjoy the' revisited Brideshead ' memories of visiting the historical centre.

Another place worth visiting is the Oxfords Botanic Garden and Arboretum. The garden is a beautiful 130 acres of forest where you can have a sweet escape in exchange for the busy city life. Its scenic surroundings are enough reason to celebrate the garden. The grounds have a glasshouse containing 6000 species of flora where scientific studies of the plants are conducted. Harcourt Arboretum is also managed by the University, which is a 10-minute ride from downtown. Plan your trip just in time when the bluebell trees flowering.

Also located in Oxford, is the Pitt-Rivers Museum. It is a museum that is well-known for its archaeology and ethnography. Visitors can broaden their understanding through the artefacts displayed. Visiting a museum appear to be dreary but a visit to the Museum of Natural History, and the Pitt Rivers in Oxford is an exception.

When Living in Oxford

For people who are looking for property to rent in Oxford, they have to remember that relocating may be costly. The fact that it is one of the city boasts of having one of the best universities in the world can affect the costs. Flats to rent in Oxford can vary whether it is located near or outside the city centre. Houses for rent in Oxford may also vary depending on the size and the location of the property.

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