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About Plymouth

Plymouth has left a distinct impression with visitors and locals as it referred to as the Ocean City of the UK. It has an integral part of history when the early English settlers had sailed in the Mayflower from Plymouth and headed directly toward the New World, the second English settlement, which eventually became what we know today as the United States of America. Other remarkable places in Plymouth is the Eddystone Lighthouses, which lay on the coast for almost a millennium. However, it was the Tower of Smeaton that became most prominent in Plymouth.

The Tower of Smeaton was designed by the famous civil engineer John Smeaton. His design was based on an oak tree which gave the tower it’s distinct feature. It is still located on Plymouth Hoe, in honour of its designer.

Besides, Plymouth is also the city where the porcelain production in the United Kingdom was developed. The first individual in the UK to unlock the art of porcelain production was William Cookworthy, a local pharmacist. Porcelain had earlier been brought in to China but Cookworthy established a site in Plymouth and began the manufacturing of “Plymouth Porcelain” in 1786.

The New Palace Theater was a famous landmark which held internationally renowned plays in Plymouth. The ancient New Palace Theater had a famous history but have closed its doors long since. Over the years, it was able to stage such renowned plays such as the Laurel and Hardy, and Charlie Chaplin's famous film undertakings. Plymouth also had a major impact in both world wars by being a tactical city. It was the port of admission in the period of the First World War for forces entering the Empire. During WWII, the naval base at Devonport was converted into a military stronghold of the Command of the West Approaches until 1941 For years, Plymouth's spectacular waterfront has seen adventurers, emigrants, merchant traders, sailors, and soldier come and go.

Places Worth Visiting in Plymouth

Built in 1566, the Royal Citadel has remained one of the most critical coastal defences in the entire stretch of England for over a century. The structure contains the site of a former fort constructed during the time of Sir Francis Drake. However, the military still uses this site so you would need to check its availability when going on a tour. The main feature of the place is the Royal Chapel of St. Katherine-upon-the-Hoe, which has initially been qualified for services in 1371 but was eventually rebuilt for other purposes. Here, a road runs around the neck of the citadel, allowing breathtaking views.

The National Marine Aquarium is another tourist attraction in Plymouth offers an outstanding list of instructional programs and shows. It is regarded as the UK's largest aquarium. Exhibits contain information regarding the world's vast bodies of water from England's large coasts to Pacific reefs. More than 70 sharks from the 10 species are kept in the aquarium, which includes large sand tiger sharks and small dogfish.

Another point of interest in Plymouth is the Saltram House. It was constructed by John Parker in 1750 and is located three miles east of the city. This mansion had connections with the painter Joshua Reynolds, as he had once lived within the area. The painter was a friend of the Parker family who resided in the house. Reynold’s love of Saltram was very evident, and he even painted several pictures of the lord of the house.

After exploring the beautiful interior of the house, ensure that your splendid grounds, including quiet gardens and untouched woods, are spent. You may even see Reynolds ' picture, hanging on the staircase of the house if you spend enough time.

What to Expect When Living in Plymouth

Plymouth can be a fantastic place to live in as this is a relatively small city without the hassles of big city living. There is certainly a property to rent in Plymouth that would fit your budget and lifestyle. Houses for rent in Plymouth are affordable than in most areas. Be sure to check for any broken windows or gaps in the door. The city is located on the southern coast where the climate is very mild throughout the year. For students who are enrolled in the University of Plymouth, flats to rent in Plymouth are their best bet for housing accommodations.

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