Name: Mark Baker
Age: 33
Previous location: London
Search for: Two bedroom flat, London
"The London housing market is quite overwrought. I found out that you have to respond quickly to new homes. After creating two searches, I quickly got a number of rental properties. Region Apartments worked perfectly and is super fast with responding to new homes for me. After a month I finally found a nice flat in London. Thank you for this."

Name: Sandra Mackin
Age: 31
Previous location: Berlin
Search for: Two bedroom flat, Manchester
"I have found a fantastic flat since yesterday thanks to you! Thank you very much and success in the future! "

Name: Micheal Macdonald
Age: 24
Previous location: New York
Search for: House, Bristol
"Thank you for the adjustment. In addition, it is a very nice system that we do not have to constantly monitor the website itself in order to be the first to be able to respond to a home. Fantastic system! "

Name: Mary Lackey
Age: 28
Previous location: Bristol
Search for: 2 bedrom flat, Edinburgh
"I would like to thank you for the good service. I registered on your site about two weeks ago and now I have a nice flat in Edinburgh for a year!

Name: MIchelle Jones
Age: 26
Previous location: Liverpool
Search for: three bedroom flat, London
"I think what you do is really great. I am always completely frustrated by all that searching, and that I am never eligible for a home network (even though I have been registered for years) does not really help. I also tried something else but that was just so much money at once that I and my friend just could not afford it. What you do is really a godsend for us. Thank you. "

Name: D. Burger
Age: 41
Previous location: -
Search: House, Birmingham
"Did see the house last week. Meanwhile, let the landlord already know not to be interested. Found it a great location and beautiful space but unfortunately the house was furnished. This does not have to be a problem, but in this case actually. Very nice that I received a response through you so quickly. Thanks for that. "

Name: Brenda Cochrane
Age: 26
Previous location: Brighton
Search for: two bedroom flat, Brighton
"Last week I registered myself on your website. This because I have been searching for more than 2 years at various housing associations and brokers. My brother also had a very good experience with you a year ago and managed to get a nice home in Brighton. "

Name: Roland Welling
Age: 45
Previous location: Stockholm
Search for: three bedroom flat, Leeds
"It took a while, but now we have found a home 1.5 months after registration via your website. I would like to thank you very much for your service and will certainly recommend your website to friends and family. "

Name: M. Rouillard
Age: 25
Previous location: Glasgow
Search for: two bedroom flat, Glasgow/br> "I want to thank you all for the good service, furthermore I want to indicate that you have found an appartment via your site. We have been looking yesterday and are going to rent from next month. Thank you very much."

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