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About Solihull

Solihull is a thriving city located in the southeast of Birmingham in the West Midland. Solihull is considered one of the wealthiest areas outside London. Some of the notable spots here are Birmingham International Airport, the National Exhibition Centre, the National Conference Centre, and the upcoming Birmingham Business Park. The town's thriving economy is reflected by the countless stores at the Touchwood mall. It is also a plethora of green space at parks that used to house noble estates.

The city may appear quaint but is full of historic architecture, including the wooden framed houses of Tudor design. Most of these distinct houses can be found in a borough called Green Belt and almost majority of the homes are timber-framed Tudor styled houses. Also, the city is surrounded by scenic landscapes which certainly will charm both residents and tourists.

When you're looking for fashion deals, Solihull is the perfect place to go. With places such as House of Fraser, John Lewis, Mell Square and others, you wouldn’t have any problem in finding brands the brands you like. There are other options for resident and tourist in the city’s high street such as Knowle and Shirley.

Also, the district has a remarkable historical backstory. The name of Solihull has often been thought to have been taken from where the church of St. Alphege is located. It is located in a “soily” hill and from there, the name Solihull has emerged. Both the St. Alphege church and Solihull School were founded around 1560.

Recommended Tourist Spots in Solihull

Malver and Brueton Parks are some of Solihull's scenic open spaces. Both parks receive a Green Flag every year for its well-maintained spaces and facilities. It has a distinctive design, situated on a small expanse of land which tends to bend into a letter U. This happened when the city purchased two distinct sections of property on different occasions. It has a beautiful lake in its eastern portion of the park, formed by a dam on the Blythe River. When you visit the park in the afternoons, you can view the ornamental garden, various flowerbeds and a rose garden.

The Packwood House is Tudor mansion that was designed by Graham Baron Ash. He was a son of a Birmingham industrialist. He inherited Packwood House in 1925. Ash decided to construct a dwelling that was marked by the splendour of Tudor designate. He later commissioned large-scale Jacobethan restorations and bought 16th and 17th-century bespoke furniture pieces, oak panelling, as well as intricately-designed tapestries from nearby manors such as the Baddesley Clinton. The barn was transformed into a great hall with a spacious ballroom for parties. Outside of the house is the Yew Garden which is a splendid sight to see during the afternoons.

Another point of interest in Solihull is the St. Alphege charge. This 13th-century church should be visited when one gets the chance. During the medieval times, the church grew and in the 14th century, the cruciform plans were completed. There is also a large north aisle which was built during this time.

In the heart of Solihull, just a few blocks from the Touchwood is The Tudor Grange Park. It was built farmlands after World War II. The park is located just near Alder Brook, a stream that keeps the lake refilled on the north side end of the park. It attracts different birds such as ducks, geese, moorhens and coots. The park has a recent addition what the creation of a 1-kilometre bicycle lane as this was suggested by silver Olympic medallist Harry Reynolds. There is also an 18-hole golf course for families and serious players who want to improve their handicap.

Question You Need to Ask When Living in Solihull

Solihull is considered as one of the best places to live in the UK. It balances both the old and new with its quaint Tudor style houses and endless shopping district. But when you opt to live here, you have to plan ahead and not just be stuck at choosing some random property to rent in Solihull. You have to do a bit of research which the location of the property, the rental fees and the size. Are you for detached homes or are you for flats to rent in Solihull? The size of the property would all boil down to your housing needs. You also have to look at the distances from schools, hospitals and establishments. What are your commute options? Should you choose Houses for rent in Sheffield that near the city centre or those in the nearby.

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