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Checking Out the City

Other than being the second largest city in the UK next to London, Birmingham is also the second most populous city in the UK, again second to London. But this doesn't mean that it's second best!

For instance, in all of the Midlands it is considered as the busiest and most active — as a matter of fact, it is regarded as the commercial, financial, social and cultural center of the Midlands. Due to its bustling economy, it's no wonder why sometimes it is described as the city of 1,001 different trades.

No one can deny that Birmingham, or sometimes affectionately called Brum by its locals, is always alive and kicking. Some of the things that serve as testaments to this include: it welcomes over 41 million visitors a year, it holds more than 50 festivals every year, and it has 5 universities with 80,000 students!

Speaking of which, student accommodation Birmingham is relatively easier on the pocket than that of London's, and this is why budget-conscious students from various parts of the planet can afford to smile from ear to ear.

Living in Birmingham as a Student

There are a total of 5 universities in Birmingham: Birmingham University, Birmingham City University, University College Birmingham, Newman University and Aston University.

Due to the fact that the city is considered as the Midlands' financial center, it doesn't come as a big surprise why there are also a number of business schools in the city. They are: Birmingham City School, Birmingham Business School and Aston Business School. Clearly, running out of a learning facility to choose from is the least of a student's worries.

Students from all over the planet are packing their bags and flying to Birmingham to study. That is why as mentioned earlier there are 80,000 students in Birmingham today — they can't help but want earn their degrees in the city due to its high-quality education, affordable rent and inviting culture!

Compared to London, rent in Birmingham is 63 percent cheaper, which only means that student housing Birmingham is affordable even to students who are on a tight budget.

It's Large and Lovable

Because it's a big and populous city, it goes without saying that there are so many things going on in it day and night. So in other words, living in Brum is never a bore!

Students in particular are glad to learn that there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to visit for when their tummies complain after a long and stressful day in the campus. And once the busy day is through, they can choose from so many clubs and bars where they can enjoy some music, alcohol and the company of friends.

Life as a student in Birmingham can be so sweet, courtesy of the Cadbury World. As if its mere presence is not enough, the establishment also offers discounted tickets for students! Those who prefer canals over chocolates will be thrilled to know that the city has more miles of canals than Venice.

Those who are looking for kicks will love the fact that Birmingham has a couple of top football teams to brag about: Birmingham City and Aston Villa. And by the way, the Football League, which is the first ever league football competition on the face of the planet, was founded by William McGregor — a Birmingham resident and Aston Villa director!

The Takeaway

Birmingham is such a populous and active city, and that's why thousands of tourists are enticed to pay it a visit. The same is true for students who can choose from the 5 universities and various business schools the city is offering.

It may be just second to London in terms of size and population, but it's first in the hearts of many!

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