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A Brief Look at Bristol

All over Bristol, you will come across the gripping designs of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who is regarded as the father of modern engineering.

Also sometimes referred to as Brizzle because of the way the locals pronounce its name, Bristol is both a city and county situated in South West England. Back in 2017 in the Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide, it is voted as the best city in Britain to live in. Well, it doesn't come as a shock since Bristol offers the perfect environment for everyone.

The hills can be a challenge to traverse every single time, but they provide you with a good workout — you won't mind them eventually once you have increased endurance levels! And speaking of which, endurance is what you will need if you want to visit the many bars and attend the various music festivals of the city.

Bristol is also one of Britain's most favorite student cities. Those who wish to live in it to study have plenty of student accommodation Bristol to choose from.

Life as a Bristol Student

Because of its high-quality education and the many hip and happening places and activities, it doesn't come as a big surprise why many students from various places on the globe prefer to study in the city.

In Bristol, you have a couple of higher learning institutions to choose from: The University of Bristol which was chartered in 1909, and the University of the West of England which was established in 1969 and was initially known as Bristol Polytechnic. There are also various colleges around such as City of Bristol College and Trinity College.

After graduation, so many students choose to stay and become locals. They can't help it due to the good employment opportunities that are just waiting for them to grab. The rich and vibrant culture of the city is another thing that's driving everyone to want to live there for good.

Unfortunately for students, the cost of living in Bristol is kind of similar to London's. But with patience and determination, reasonably-priced student housing Bristol can be obtained.

Easy Access to Everything

From time to time, it's perfectly understandable for students and everybody else residing in Bristol to want to unwind — we all know that stress has some serious health repercussions if it's not put under control!

When it comes to de-stressing, Bristol offers so many different options. For instance, it has an alive-and-kicking nightlife especially because the bars and pubs are practically right next to each other. The city is also known to offer an assortment of music venues for different kinds of music lovers. And by the way, there are various LGBT events available.

If you're into art, you'll be happy to know that you can easily come across the graffiti artworks of Bansky in many parts of Bristol. There's an assortment film and theater festivals to enjoy as well. And if you love the sand and sunset, the nearest beach is just half an hour away from the city.

Hopping from one hotspot to the next should be the least of your worries — Bristol has 2 major railway stations (the Great Western Railway and Bristol Temple Meads) and various bus transit systems.

The Takeaway

Bristol offers two primary higher learning institutions and so many outdoor places to visit (it has over 400 parks and gardens!), bars to enter, foods to indulge in and festivals to attend. It's no wonder why it is loved by its more than 54,000 students. You will also surely be mesmerized to learn that people in Bristol speak at least 91 languages, were born in 187 different countries, and have not less than 45 religions!

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