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About Liverpool

Liverpool is a seaport and a city in northwestern England, and it is Merseyside’s metropolitan borough, shapes an uneven crescent along Mersey’s north shore, firth a few miles from the Irish Sea. The docklands and some areas of Liverpool’s historic centre collectively were chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2004.

The growth of Liverpool was slow during medieval, but in the eighteenth century it stretched quickly as a result of profitable trade with the West Indies and Americas and turned out the second most major port in Great Britain. The Liverpool Triangle is the main element in the general trading pattern, this is an exchange of manufactured goods from the hinterland of Mersey for the West African slaves who were in turn traded for West Indies’ spices, molasses, plantation crops, and sugar.

The city of Liverpool continues to put a level of dominance over the nearby metropolitan region. Even though the old activities of communication, distribution, transport, and shipping have decreased, they are still significant in the city’s economic life.

What makes living in Liverpool the best?

Liverpool is the birthplace of one of the most famous rock bands in the world, The Beatles. The city also has a well-established reputation as the birthplace of countless artists, actors and actresses, journalists, poets, sportspeople, and comedians. Liverpool is well known for its architecture, transport links, and its culture. The Liver Buildings which are homes of the historic docks and The Beatles, are some of the familiar sights if you study in Liverpool.

There are many who are searching for student housing Liverpool as this city is one of the United Kingdom’s best student city. There are more than seventy-thousand student population in the city and by far the most loved student cities in the United Kingdom. Liverpool provides student nightlife in shovel considering the cost of living, entertainment, and housing are more affordable here.

Liverpool is a small yet packed city that you will feel like you are stroking shoulders with cultural organisations no matter which way you go. The city is perfect for those who are culture geeks because they have plenty of free galleries and their newly renovated Everyman Theatre that will surely satisfy your cravings for arts, entertainment, and culture. Look for student accommodation Liverpool and enlighten yourself with hosts of theatres and galleries in the city.

Liverpool has great looking libraries, the Liverpool Central Library is one of them that previously underwent a renovation. Studying in the Central Library will give you a unique experience, and it has plenty of great and important collection of works and drama section. The universities in the city also have impressive libraries filled with all the important resources that will help you with your research and studies.

The city of Liverpool is packed with beautiful green spaces and it prides one of the prettiest parks in the United Kingdom, the Sefton Park. The parks in Liverpool are ideal spots where you can enjoy learning whether you are alone or with your classmates.

Important things to remember

Liverpool is one of the most affordable cities in the United Kingdom in terms of the cost of living, and the most important aspect as a student is affordability. The average cost of accommodation in university is between 80 to 120 UK pounds per week, this is the same as the cost of rental in the nearby student city of Manchester. The overall survival and nightlife costs in Liverpool are much lower, this is according to The Guardian.

You could enjoy virtually every corner of their seriously cheap department stores, as well as their flourishing markets in Saint Johns. The city of Liverpool is truly one of the cheapest student cities in the United Kingdom.

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