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The City at a Glance

If you love the nightlife, then you will surely fall head over heels with Newcastle. Also sometimes referred to as Newcastle Upon Tyne, it is regarded as the most populous city in North East England.

However, there are so many other things that Newcastle offers aside from innumerable bars and clubs that come alive once the sun has set. For instance, the city which is just 277 miles north of London is peppered with modern-day buildings, Georgian structures and remnants of its industrial past.

Just like most other cities on the face of the planet that tourists find irresistible, Newcastle has a really attention-grabbing nickname: the Toon. It is monickered as such not because it is a cartoony place, but due to the way Geordies (what a lot of people in the UK use to refer to the locals of Newcastle) pronounce "town".

It is also one of the most popular student cities in all of England, and that is why there is never a shortage of student accommodation Newcastle for those who would like to get their degrees and diplomas in the city.

Reasons to Attend a University in Newcastle

If truth be told, Newcastle is not that big a city — one can easily enjoy its unique sights and sounds riding a bicycle or even on foot. In fact, you can tour the entire Newcastle City Centre in just a few minutes!

Speaking of which, right in the heart of Newcastle City Centre is a couple of world-renowned university. The first one is Newcastle University whose origins can be traced back to the School of Medicine and Surgery (established in 1834). You can think of Newcastle University as an international university as its students come from over 135 countries.

The other university in Newcastle is Northumbria University, which was established in 1969 although back then it was known as Newcastle Polytechnic. And by the way, Newcastle University and Northumbria University are in close proximity to one another, owing to the fact that Newcastle City Centre is one compact place. Because of the size of the city, student housing Newcastle is easily accessible from anywhere, which is extremely beneficial most especially for students who are always in a time crunch!

Falling in Love With It is Easy

Right in between exams and projects, students trying to earn their degrees and diplomas can unwind in so many different ways without setting foot outside the city. That's because practically everything they need is there.

It's no secret than Newcastle is highly popular for its bustling nightlife — at the end of a stressful day in the campus, students have so many bars and clubs to choose from. These establishments are so in demand that a lot of them are still operating at 4 or 5 in the morning. Some are even open on a 24/7 basis!

However, refrain from assuming that the city has nothing else to offer aside from up-tempo music and booze. As a matter of fact, Newcastle is teeming with historical sites boasting of mesmerizing architecture and designs. The city is also popular for the Millennium Bridge and Angel of the North.

Do you prefer spending some quiet time near the ocean rather than chatting and drinking with your buddies? Then you'll be more than glad to learn that the North Sea is just a 30-minute train ride away!

The Takeaway

So many students from various countries all over the globe find studying in Newcastle as a wonderful opportunity. It's no wonder why the city is known as one of the most popular student cities in England.

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