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A Brief Look at the City

Those who love folklores and adventures are surely familiar with Nottingham. That's because it's where the Nottingham Castle is, a place where the final showdown between Robin Hood and the Sheriff happened.

Other than the outlaw everybody loves, this city located in Nottinghamshire, England is also revered for so many other things, ranging from its vibrant culture, quaint marketplaces, lively nightlife and exciting sports. A short bus or train ride allows one to visit the countryside where there's plenty of fresh air as well as peace and quiet.

What's so lovable about Nottingham, which is also lovingly called the Queen of the Midlands, is that it is a modest-sized city with lots of amazing things to offer. It's one of the reasons why it is a very popular student city in the UK. Currently, Nottingham serves as a home to over 60,000 students.

Available student accommodation Nottingham is accessible and easy on the pocket, too, which is why many fly to the city in order to study and live there.

Students Love Nottingham

There's a pair of major universities in the city. One of them is the University of Nottingham, which is situated about 3 miles from the city centre. Most of the students attending the university are residing in the Lenton area.

Nottingham Trent University, on the other hand, has a campus in the city centre. About 4 miles from the said area are a couple of other facilities of the learning institution. It is in the Forest Field district where many of the students earning their college degrees at Nottingham Trent University choose to live in.

In order to get to and fro their campuses and dwellings as well as other locations in the city, students can take advantage of Nottingham's accessible tram system and of course its award-winning bus network.

The city may not be as big as London and other expansive ones in the UK, but there are more than 60,000 students residing in it. No one who wishes to pursue higher education can resist the fact that the average cost of studying in the modest-sized city is really affordable, including of course student housing Nottingham.

Lots of Things to Do

Even though it's true that Nottingham is not the biggest city in England, still there are so many places to check out and activities to do for anyone who is residing and studying in it.

Just like most other neighboring student cities, the nightlife in Nottingham is always a blast! Those who like to unwind at the end of a long and tiring day may choose from an assortment of bars and pubs to visit. The music scene is fresh and unforgettable, and there are numerous music festivals — some of them are known for being reasonably priced.

Those who love to laugh out loud may check out the city's comedy clubs, and those who are fond of culture and art may set foot inside galleries, museums and theaters. Then there's also Old Market Square perfect for anyone who finds delight in some old-world mixed with modern-day retail therapy.

Individuals who are into sports will love the fact that Nottingham has a pair of football clubs, and it also serves as a home to the National Water Sports Centre the National Ice Centre.

The Takeaway

Living in Nottingham is never a bore despite of it being modest in size. That's because the city has so many amazing sights to offer, and one can go from point A to point B trouble-free with its revered transport systems.

Thanks to the budget-friendly cost of living for students, it's the perfect place for those who are looking for high-quality education and an enjoyable life outside of the campus.

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