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About Swindon

Swindon is a large town in Wiltshire, a ceremonial county located in the South West of England. The town is between thirty-five miles from the west of Bristol and thirty-five miles from the east of Reading. Swindon is seventy-one miles west of London. The town has over 182,000 population at the 2011 census. The Town Development Act 1952 led into a great growth in its population.

The Swindon residents are known as Swindonians. The Swindon railway station is bound from London Paddington to Bristol. The town is a unitary authority which is the Swindon Borough Council that has been independent of the Wiltshire Council since the year 1997.

The town of Swindon is home to the English Heritage National Monument Record, the Bodleian Library’s book depository, the National Trust, the Great Western Railways, the Honda car manufacturing plant, and the Nationwide Building Society.

Swindon is also well-known for the massive Intel technology and Dyson, which is a household appliance group. The town is also home to many popular international celebrities such as Julian Clary, Justine Haywood, Mark Lamarr, Desmond Morris, Diana Dors, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Ben Thatcher, David Hempleman-Adams, and Billie Piper.

What makes living in Swindon the best?

If you are finding houses for rent in Swindon then better choose that suits your interest as this town is ideal for everyone. Swindon is named as one of the best places to live and work. The town is ranked in eighth place out of the fifty-nine cities and towns which were analysed by TotallyMoney, an independent credit broker. They based their findings based around the average monthly mortgage repayment, median take-home salary, rates of employment, cost of living, and business closures in every location.

The employment rate of Swindon makes it a perfect place for people who wanted a great career. Swindon is prosperous when it comes to good employment making it a wise trait even for those who are not looking for a job themselves. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are searching for flats to rent in Swindon to move and work here. The town has a high employment rate at seventy-seven percent of the population in work, and over forty-six percent are working full-time.

The disposable incomes and gross weekly income in the town of Swindon are both high. An average person has a gross income of over 500 pounds per week and an average household has over 17,000 pounds of disposable money for the year. This makes living and working in Swindon ideal for people living and working in nearby cities and towns that have a lower average income.

Important things to remember

The house prices here are fairly low for the South of England while the incomes are high. This makes searching for a property to rent in Swindon easy especially if they are looking for a good quality home at an affordable rate. Of course, it is more affordable to buy a property instead of renting, but if your budget is still on tight for you to buy your own house then renting a house here is not bad at all.

The cost of living in Swindon is not all cheap, there are some that are moderately high particularly in terms of food. The car insurance is also moderately high, however, the petrol here is more affordable than the average price, so it is still a good thing for drivers if they choose to live here. Nevertheless, with good incomes and practicable house prices, Swindon can be a good place to consider for anyone who is looking for a good quality of life in the Southern part of England.

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